Miss snarcca.

"As of 2014 the only idol group in SM that has all of its members is Red Velvet and they debuted 2 months ago."
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……..dude…SHINee? and sulli didn’t leave f(x) she is on a break so…yeah.
So close;;


At first I was upset because I thought we were losing the old Taemin, but now I realize that we never lost him. He’s still the cute, shy, bundle of adorkabless that we’ve all loved, now he’s just showing us a new side of him, one that I think he’s always had. And I love him even more for that.

Congrats Tae. You deserve this.

Even though I know it for a while-
I suddenly realized That Taemin makes his debut solo a week before I get to Korea.
he is my Ultimate like….forever.
and i’m freaking crying my eyes out because of that.


I bet my life that Jonghyun will be fangirling over Taemin’s solo debut harder than a hardcore taemint like me


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